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Maintenance Technician - Full-Time

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HIRING! CrossPointe Management is looking for a Full-Time Maintenance Technician for immediate hire. Must have at least one year experience in single or multi-family property maintenance and knowledgeable about electrical, plumbing and basic make ready items. Preferably HVAC Certified. Our portfolio consists of single family homes and multi-family complexes all throughout East Texas. Reliable transportation is a requirement as well as use of your own tools. The ideal candidate is a quick learner, honest, able to work in a team based environment, family owned and operated. Please call our office today for more details at (903)705-6587 or send your resume to

*If you do not meet these qualifications, please do not submit resume* Hourly, mileage reimbursement and benefits included.

1658 W Grande Blvd
Tyler, TX 75703-4426

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